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National Event Rules

The rules for all National Events are available for download here, in PDF format


New players
If you are new to Indoor Bowls and would like a general description of the game and how it is played, including some helpful illustrations to get you started then download this booklet: (25 pages - Acrobat required) The Basics of Indoor Bowls Get it!


Indoor bowls promotional brochure.


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The latest New Bowlers Guide includes information on the club scene, description of the game and how to bowl.

Laws of the Game (Revised 2015) (21 pages - PDF Viewer required) Download it here.
Document outlining main changes of 2015 available here

Code of Conduct

The NZIB Code of Conduct is intended to be abided by all participants in NZIB-run events. These events include NZ Championships, Island Championships, NZ Mixed Fours, Henselite Champion Singles, Junior Singles. As teams competing for the Welch Trophy have a District manager, it is strongly recommended that Districts adopt this policy to at least cover this event. This policy is also intended to apply to members of New Zealand and Island representative teams.

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