Indoor Bowls - a game for all



Georgia Fisher, Nicole Singer - Auckland
Sam Landers, Flynn Wilson - North Taranaki
Nathan Trowell, Matthew Foster - Poverty Bay
Blair Gowan, Ray Bradley - Manawatu
Nico Verhoeven, David Dobson - North Wellington
Ryan Hunter, Daniel Watson - Nelson
Shane Bell, Christine Prattley-Cook - Canterbury
John Perry, Shawn Perry - Southland




Round 1:

Sam Landers, Flynn Wilson (North Taranaki) bt John Perry, Shawn Perry (Southland) 8-5
Nathan Trowell, Matthew Foster (Poverty Bay) bt Ryan Hunter, Daniel Watson (Nelson) 11-8
Shane Bell, Christine Prattley-Cook (Canterbury) bt Nico Verhoeven, David Dobson (North Wellington) 13-7
Georgia Fisher, Nicole Singer (Auckland) bt Blair Gowan, Ray Bradley (Manawatu) 11-8

Round 2:

PB bt AK 13-6; MN bt CY 7-6; NN bt NT 13-9; SL bt NW 8-7

Round 3:

SL bt MN 18-4; AK bt NN 11-5; PB bt CY 13-6; NW bt NT 9-8

Round 4:

AK bt NT 14-2; SL bt PB 6-5; MN bt NW 15-9; NN bt CY 11-4

Round 5:

NN bt SL 9-7; MN bt NT 13-3; PB bt NW 12-5; CY bt AK 10-6

Round 6:

MN drew PB 10-10; SL bt AK 11-8; NT bt CY 10-8; NN bt NW 10-4

Round 7:

MN drew NN 7-7; PB bt NT 14-5; SL drew CY 8-8; AK bt NW 16-5

Final Standings: First: Poverty Bay (Nathan Trowell, Mathew Foster) 11pts, Second: Nelson (Ryan Hunter, Daniel Watson) 9pts 35 ends; followed by Southland 9 pts 34 ends; Auckland 8 pts, 38 ends; Manawatu 8 pts, 38 ends; Canterbury 5 pts, North Taranaki 4 pts, North Wellington 2 pts



Poverty Bay's teenage cousins Nathan Trowell and Matthew Foster have won the inaugural 1-5 year Development Pairs at the Warnes Indoor bowls Stadium, Stoke, Nelson on Saturday.

Trowell celebrated his birthday his 15th birthday yesterday and Foster is also 15.

They won five games drew one and lost one game to come out on top.